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Features of our web design & web hosting

pagoda Website (homepage) and email are essential tools for business in the 21st century.

A website (homepage) can help companies to send the information to all the people in the world, and makes huge business chances.

Using email addresses which have your company's own domain can raise the reliability and status for your business. (see more benefits of having a website)

[Myanmar Website Creator] provides the flowing services to help companies/organizations in Myanmar to expand their business : Our mission is :
1. User/visitor and business oriented
[Myanmar Website Creator] thinks that the purpose of your homepage/website is letting more people know about your products/services/activities, so that will contribute to your business.

We will provide practical solutions for you to help your business success.

2. Totally Integrated Service
[Myanmar Website Creator] gives you advices of ultilizing internet for business, design/produce homepages and host your homepages to make them become websites, so that all the people in the world can visit your websites.

We also provide email address with original domains (e.g. name@domain).

3. Japanese Standard Quality
The founders of [Myanmar Website Creator] were studied abroad and took PhD in Japan, worked for a big Japanese software integrator and a giant Electronic Maker, so all our technology and quality are Japanese Standard.

4. Japanese Standard reliability
We treat all the information from our customers strictly (see privacy policy ). We host websites in high-end servers located in Japan with high speed backbone. (see detail)

5. Search Engine Optimization Oriented
Search Engine Optimization is the technology to let your website be listed on the high rank in the search result.

[Myanmar Website Creator] always pays attention for SEO not only at the producing stage, but also after the website released.

6. Low Price
Our prices (web design / make homepage / create website / web hosting) are very competitive, you can have a big efficiency with low budget. (see price of web design and web hosting)

We also run promotion campaigns to reduce your costs. (see campaign detail)

7. Full Support
At the producing stage (web design / make homepages), we will not only give you a full support for making good homepages, but also give you some useful tips of how to expand business via internet (see our consulting service).

We also provide full supports in our web hosting service.(see web hosting detail)

All in One Service (Web design + Web Hosting)

Single Services (Web design, Web Hosting, Email)

all in one [All in One Service] is a totally integrated service that Myanmar Website Creator will produce homepages and host your website.

All in One Service consists the following 2 parts - Homepage Producing (web design) and Web Hosting.

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single service If you are going to arrange the web hosting server by yourself and just want to produce the homepage,

[Myanmar Website Creator] is also happy to provide a wonderful solution for you.

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Special SEO Service

Computer Network Service

seo SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the technology to let your website be listed on the high ranking of the search results.

Nowadays, internet users always use search engine (google, yahoo) to search websites.

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computer network We also provide computer networking service with low price: Build local wire / wireless networks to share internet connection.

Build local wire / wireless networks to share file /printer servers.

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What's new -- Email Account 7 GB Campaign

1. 7GB for each email account.
2. Receiving Myanmar language email -- OK.
3. Sending Myanmar language email -- OK.
4. Web mail -- OK - where ever you can view website, you can use email.

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Examples of our web design and web hosting

See more examples of our web design

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