Common problems of some Myanmar websites

Compared to developed countries, utilizing internet for business in Myanmar is still in an initial stage. Only few companies in Myanmar have websites, moreover, some of the existing websites in Myanmar are not Business-oriented and Visitor-oriented.

Please take a look of the following 2 websites, the left one is an existing hotel website, the right one is a Japanese guesthouse website created by MWC. Please keep in mind that which website is business-oriented and Visitor-oriented.

a Myanmar hotel website      tokyo cozy house

   an existing hotel website        tokyo cozy house(produced by MWC)

After comparing the 2 websites, we can find that :

In Myanmar, many websites are the same type as the above left one, they have many beautiful pictures but poor information, so we can say that these websites are not business-oriented and visitor-oriented but self-satisfaction.

Consulting Service

Usually, the purpose of visiting website are not enjoying the pictures but getting more information about the companies. Myanmar Website Creator considers that the following points are very important :

see the detail of these important points.

In order to help companies own business-oriented websites, we also provide consulting service of utilizing internet for business.

The fee for Consulting Service : 200,000Ks

Using All in One Service during the campaign duration → the consulting service fee is free of charge .

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