web system service

Web System Service

[Myanmar Website Creator] can also develop Web System - computer system with web server, database, application server, etc. For example, online shopping website, online application website are tipical Web System which using Java, PHP, Mysql, JavaScript, Html, etc technologies.

Actually, when the founder of [Myanmar Website Creator] was working in Japan as system engineer, they have developed some web-based systems, such as the NTT east online shop, Language Friend, etc. Following are some Web System examples produced by us.

Our web system example ー NTT Online Shop

The normal user can make online applications for telephone services on this web system.

Our web system example ー Language Friend

A web system for people to find language exchange partners, language friends, private teachers, and contribute to international exchange.

Our web system example ー 【MA*RS Cosmetic】(Top page)

Our web system example ー 【MA*RS Cosmetic】(online-ordering page)

An online store for cosmetics.

For the detail informationn about our Web System Service, Please feel free to contact us.

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