privacy policy

Privacy Policy

SKY BRIDGE CO., LTD., Myanmar Website Creator (hereinafter referred to as this Group) recognize the importance of the handling of personal customer information, mail order sales and websites operated by us, and will protect customer privacy by complying with the relevant laws and practicing strict control.

* Personal Information refers to information that can identify a person either directly or indirectly. This includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, IDs, passwords, information on preferences, sensitive information and information that can be easily compared with other information and thereby can be used to identify individuals.

Collection of Personal Information

This Group may collect personal customer information for the purpose of providing the best products and services possible. When asking a customer for personal information, this Group shall collect the personal information within the appropriate scope required after first informing the customer of the purpose of collecting this information and obtaining the customer's consent in advance.

Maintenance and Management of Personal Information

This Group has prepared an in-house control system with a person responsible for personal information management appointed, in order to protect personal information. This system realizes the maintenance and management of personal customer information by:
  1. Preventing personal information from leaking outside;
  2. Implementing safety measures against unlawful access from outside;
  3. Practicing proper management of commissioned companies involved in the handling of personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

As a general rule, this Group does not disclose personal information to any third party without the consent of the customer concerned. However, as an exception, this Group may disclose personal information in the following cases.
  1. When the consent or approval of the customer has been obtained in advance;
  2. When the information has been processed as statistical data, into a form where the customer cannot be identified individually;
  3. When disclosed to the extent necessary to a company, etc., that has concluded a contract for the preservation of secrecy with this Group in advance (for example, a party commissioned to provide a service);
  4. In addition, when provision of information is deemed necessary in accordance with the relevant laws, ordinances, etc.

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