Special SEO Service

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the technology to let your website be listed on the high ranking of the search results. Nowadays, internet users always use search engine (google, yahoo) to search websites. If your website always be listed on the high ranking, no doubt that can expand your business.

Although we provide basic SEO measurements in our webpage producing service, it's still not enough to guar rant the website be listed on high ranking. We would like to provide the Special SEO Service to meet your needs. The payment for special SEO Service is based on the SEO results:

Initial fee 200,000Ks
Be listed as top 5 entries (Google or Yahoo) 1,800,000Ks
Be listed on the first page(Google or Yahoo) 800,000Ks
Be listed on the first 2 pages (Google or Yahoo) 300,000Ks
Others(Google or Yahoo) 0Ks

Work flow of special SEO service

  1. Decide important search keywords for you website.

  2. Sign the contract
    Please pay the initial fee (200,000Ks) at this stage.

  3. Inform us the FTP id and password
    Please inform us the FTP id and password of your web hosting so we can take measurements into your web pages and upload them. (In the case of using our webhosting service, no need to inform us)

  4. Special SEO measurements start
    Within the specified duration*, we will take many SEO measurements for your website.

  5. Special SEO measurements finish
    Basically, the special SEO Service period is 6 months. However, the service will be finished when either of the following 2 conditions is satisfied:

    (I) When the Goal 1 was achieved within the specified duration

    (II) At the end of the period

  6. Pay the fee based on the SEO results

Please feel free to contact us for detail.

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