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Important points for homepage/website

[Myanmar Website Creator] are considering that a good website/homepage should meet the following points, and we always make a good website for our customers based on these points.

  1. User/visitor-oriented
    Usually, for most companies and organizations, the purpose of making homepages/websites are not self-satisfaction, but giving more information to let people know about your products/service and expand business chance, this is the most important point.

    Unfortunately, some companies' websites in Myanmar are not user/visitor-oriented but self-satisfaction. They have many beautiful animated pictures (sounds attractive) but few information for visitors, and it takes long time to show up.

  2. Business-oriented
    Another important purpose of making homepages / websites is for business expanding. No doubt that showing your products/service in detail on your website will expand our business chance.

    In other countries (USA, Japan, etc) people often make reservation / apply service or buy goods from websites. We think that companies in Myanmar should also install this solution. We will install the reservation form in your website.

  3. Easy to read
    The structure, paragraph, sentences should be sophisticated, the color, font, etc should also be proper so that people can read easily, and obtain the information quickly.

  4. Show up quickly
    You may have such experience that when you try to open a website, but it takes a long time because of the heavy motion pictures. It’s a common wrong thinking that more motion pictures more interesting the website is. People try to get more information about your company when they visit your website, not to see the motion pictures unless your website is for motion pictures like YouTube.

    Moreover, since the internet access speed in Myanmar is not good, it’s better not use heavy pictures (e.g. flash, gif-animation, big-pictures)

  5. The information should be as abundant as possible.
    Since the purpose of making website / homepage is to let more people know about your company and expanding business chance, you should put abundant information into your website.

  6. Be conscious of SEO (Search Engine Optimize)
    Many users / visitors might visit your website via search engine (e.g. google, yahoo), so your homepage should be conscious for SEO to let search engines list your website on the search results. [Myanmar Website Creator] all ways pay attention for SEO from producing stage.

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