General Q and A

  1. What's the difference between [Myanmar Website Creator] and other firms
    "User/visitor oriented, business oriented" are the biggest features of [Myanmar Website Creator]. We provide practical and good-cost-performance solutions to support your business success. You can know more about us from Importand points of homepage/website and the features of us.

  2. How much does it cost for homepage producing and web hosting?
    Since the price is depends on your demands, scale of your website and other factors, the price will be estimated after we hold a meeting with you, but we are confident that our services are good cost-performance.

  3. Our website sometimes takes long time to show up, why?
    If your website was produced by [Myanmar Website Creator], then the problem must be caused by the internet circuit environment. The internet speed in Myanmar is slow and unstable, we always take the situation in mind to make "light" homepages for our Myanmar customers.

  4. Can we cancel/stop our application?
    Yes, you can cancel/stop your application. However, all the paid fee can not be refunded for any reasons.

Homepage producing related Q and A

  1. Are we supposed to do something for homepage producing?
    Yes, actually, the cooperation between you and us are very important for making a good homepage/website. Please prepare the copy writings for each page. If you ask us to do the copy writing, then please provide rough data (e.g., pamphlet, pictures, articles) to let us know the detail about your company.

  2. Can we require demands on the web design?
    Of course yes, at the initial stage, we will ask your requirements / opinions for the design. (Notice, a part of your requirements might not be accepted according to our integrative judgment)

  3. How long does it take for homage producing?
    Normally, it takes 1 ~ 2 months (it might be different depends on the scale of your homepage and your cooperation)

Web hosting related Q & A

  1. Are we supposed to do something for web hosting?
    No, you do not need to do anything if you use our web hosting.

  2. Why the mailer software (e.g. MS-outlook) does not work?
    Because the port number (port 25, port 110) were closed, so that the mailer software can not send / receive email (in other countries no such kind of problem). If you use our web hosting service, we will provide web mail service, so you can read/write email on browsers (Firefox, IE) directly.

  3. Is the access report available?
    Yes, we will send you the monthly access report if you required, or you can visit the access report page by yourself.

  4. Is the domain name exclusive for us?
    Yes, the domain name is exclusive for you, nobody others can use it as long as you keep it continuously.

  5. If some facts changed in our company, how to reflect them on our website?
    If you use our web hosting service, we will revise small changes and reflect them on your website without extra charge. (the small changes include : address, phone number, price, etc. In the case of big changes, extra fee is needed)

  6. Can we have the ID and Password for FTP and other server functions?
    Since [Myanmar Website Creator] will do everything for customers, we do not show ID and Password for customers. However, if you need the ID and Password and try to do all the tasks by yourself, then please inform us at the beginning.

  7. For other question、please refer or write into our bbs, or contact us.

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