1. Please be noticed that we do not produce / host homepages which have pornographic, anti-social, anti-government contents.

  2. Please understand that in the case of earth quake, fire, war and other huge disasters, our web hosting service might be stopped and we do not take the responsibility for any damage-declaration.

  3. Please understand that if the access to the website from Myanmar were cut off by authorities, we do not take the responsibility for any damage-declaration. (We will try to use other server/domain to avoid this case.)

  4. Regarding the fee for producing homepage, 50% shall be paid at the moment of signing the contract, another 50% shall be paid when the homepage completed.

  5. Regarding the annual fee for web hosting, it shall be paid in advance for each year.

  6. All paid fee can not be refunded.

  7. In the case that you using our web hosting service, we will register an exclusive domain-name for you based on your requirement. Basically, the domain-name can not be moved to other companies.

  8. In the case that you using our email service, please delete old emails to save disc space. We might delete old emails (more than 3 months old).

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